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Ideas and Tips for visiting Caravaca de la Cruz and the Region of Murcia during the Jubilee Year

The wine horses and the art of harnessing in Caravaca

In Caravaca de la Cruz, one of the most impressive and unique festivities in Spain is...

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The Mystery Man, the revealing exhibition on the Shroud of Turin in Caravaca de la Cruz

At the Church of the Company of Jesus in Caravaca de la Cruz, an exhibition challenges the limits...

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Discover the two new apps for pilgrims to Caravaca de la Cruz

At Tourism Region of Murcia, we have designed two apps to enhance the experience of the Levante Way...

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The Levante Way with children from step to step

The Region of Murcia, known for its sunny climate, enviable year-round temperatures, and diverse...

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Region of Murcia: The Beauty of the Extraordinary

It is always exciting to visit the Region of Murcia, but 2024 promises to be even more special....

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The 10 must-sees of religious tourism on the Camino de la Cruz

This year, the Camino de la Cruz is enriched with new experiences, promising not only to...

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The Levante Way, a unique adventure

Hello, adventurers! Today, we especially greet those who seek something more than just simple...

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The Jubilee Journey to Caravaca de la Cruz: The basics for pilgrims

The Jubilee Year in Caravaca de la Cruz is an event of great importance both for Catholic believers...

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Experiencing Holy Week with the family

Holy Week time is the perfect period to gather with your favorite people and immerse yourselves in...

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