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Three great boating experiences in the Region of Murcia

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Offshore exploration of the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor along the Costa Cálida

While enjoying the beaches, gastronomy, sunshine and landscapes of the coast of Murcia no-one should miss out on the opportunity to see the area from the other side of the shores which divide land and sea, and there is a wide variety of nautical experiences which allow visitors to see the Costa Cálida from the water.

Of course, Murcia is blessed with two seas, the Mediterranean and the inland lagoon of the Mar Menor, making it a perfect location to take to the waves and feel the salty breeze on your face. Here are just three such outings which we highly recommend:

Skipper for a day in Águilas!

Take command of your boat for the day in Águilas as you navigate along some of the secluded coves along the coastline of the south-west of Murcia, guiding your craft without the need for any official qualification or prior experience. From wide swathes of beach like the Playa de las Delicias to small, hidden coves like the Playa de los Cocedores, this stretch of the coast remains one of the most beautiful on the southern Mediterranean coastline of Spain.

El Hornillo Águilas

Marine fauna in the bay of Mazarrón

The bay of Mazarrón is home to numerous whales and dolphins just a few miles offshore, and trips are available to see these wonderful creatures in their natural environment rather than in the aquariums where they are sometimes displayed.

At the same time, enjoy fantastic views of the coastline between Cabo Tiñoso and Cabo Cope as you cruise atop the ocean waves with binoculars and cameras at the ready! Trips also include a visit to La Galerica, a tiny island which stands at the entrance to the fishing port of Mazarrón.


Nautical tourism in San Pedro del Pinatar

They say that fishing is a vocation which is passed down from parents to their children, and indeed there is something captivating about an occupation which depends so strongly on a deep communion between Man and the sea.

In San Pedro del Pinatar there is a chance to experience first-hand one of the oldest fishing techniques in the Region of Murcia, known as the “encañizadas”, joining local fishermen on a working boat and then accompanying them as they sell their catch at the “lonja” market back on shore. The experience can be rounded off with a visit to the local Museo del Mar, where more details can be learnt about the history of fishing in the Mar Menor!

pesca tradicional

And don’t forget, there are many more ways to enjoy the Mediterranean in the Region of Murcia, including sailing, surfing, paddle surf, scuba diving and canoeing!