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The Ricote Valley and Cieza, a perfect blend of History and Nature

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A land of lush greenery forgotten by Time in the heart of the Region of Murcia

Right in the heart of the Region of Murcia there is a land which it appears that Time forgot, leaving intact much of the cultural heritage of the Moorish and post-Moorish culture in Spain: the Ricote Valley

This enclave, close to the major town of Cieza, is full of history, stories, landscapes and tastes which anyone who is keen on enriching their experience will want to discover as soon as possible. 

Our trip begins in the Valle de Ricote, where the municipalities of Abarán, Archena, Blanca, Ojós, Ricote, Ulea and Villanueva del Segura lie alongside the winding River Segura, and here, among the greenery of the fertile land we can see the Moorish irrigation systems and networks which even today shape the life and culture of the valley. Simply walking in the countryside, the echoes of the past are almost palpable, exuded by every meandering curve in the river as it makes its way through willows and elms, a landscape full of charming colours and natural aromas. 

In Ricote the Arabic gastronomic traditions are still very much alive, accompanied by the local wine which features highly in the “1,001 Tastes” of the Region of Murcia. In Blanca, meanwhile, some locals still practise the ancient art of esparto grass weaving to make useful accessories and keep traditions alive. 

In Abarán one of the major attractions is to explore its historic water wheels, wonders of engineering which lift water out of the river to irrigate the land. Not all of them are still in use but the structures still stand as testament to the wisdom, knowledge and persistence of those who lived here in centuries past. 

Our journey continues to Cieza, where the landscape changes and seems somehow to get bigger! This contrast is extended like an open invitation to explore on foot, by bicycle or even by climbing some of its imposing rock faces. 

Throughout the valley the River Segura, as it makes its way inexorably towards the Mediterranean, offers superb opportunities for rafting and guarantees a rush of adrenalin and emotion as you dare to take to the water! On top of this, various horse riding paths provide a unique way to get in touch with nature, allowing visitors to literally gallop through the history and natural beauty of the valley!


At the end of the day, in the Ricote Valley and Cieza there is plenty of welcoming rural accommodation in which the charm of the past blends perfectly with the conveniences of modern living: for example, it’s hard to imagine not feeling at home in “La Joya del Valle de Ricote”.

Little wonder, then, that for those who are searching for adventure, new tastes, traditions and evocative landscapes, the Ricote Valley and Cieza are definite bucket-list destinations!