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5 days out with a difference in the Region of Murcia!

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Treasures not far from the beaches of the Costa Cálida, our selection:

We all know that the most common reasons for visiting the Costa Cálida are the warm climate, the fabulous beaches and the clear waters of the Mediterranean in south-eastern Spain, but of course the Region of Murcia offers far more variety than the traditional sun, sea and sand which first catch the eye of many tourists. 

Different ways of exploring the region are to be found in all corners of Murcia, and today we present you 5 different options -some of which many will know about already while others perhaps come as a pleasant surprise!

  1. Hiking in nature

There are plenty of protected areas in the Region of Murcia where you can get back to nature, both inland and on the coast, with a range of nature reserves and regional parks including the mountains of Sierra Espuña and the untamed coastline of Calblanque

One of the best times of day to enjoy these locations is as the sun goes down, painting the landscape with its warm glow as the relative cool of evening begins to set in, and there are many organized routes offering “mindful hiking” as a way of reconnecting with the natural world.

Calblanque 3-008 JZ PEQ

  1. Visit the lighthouse of Cabo de Palos!

A great way to appreciate the coastlines of Murcia is a trip to the iconic lighthouse of Cabo de Palos, from the top of which it is possible to see clearly the shores of both the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor. 

Located in the municipality of Cartagena, close to the southern end of the Mar Menor, this has to be one of the best photo opportunities in the whole of the Region of Murcia: and while you’re in the picturesque fishing village of Cabo de Palos, don’t forget to try the local gastronomic speciality of caldero!

Cabo de Palos

  1. Free entry to the walled grounds of Lorca castle

Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the 52,000 square metres of grounds enclosed by the walls of the historic medieval “Fortress of the Sun”, as the castle of Lorca is often known!

This fortification proved impregnable throughout the prolonged conflict between Moorish and Christian kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages, and for centuries protected the boundary between the Moslem Emirate of Granada and the Christian lands ruled by the Crowns of Castilla and Aragón. 

Nowadays it is a major tourist attraction and also houses a prestigious 4-star Parador hotel, but entry to the grounds and the use of an audioguide are free of charge! Pets are also welcome, making this a day out which truly caters for all the family!!

(Please note, although admission is free prior booking is required!) 

While in Lorca, it goes without saying that no visit is complete without also taking a walk around the old city centre, with its countless churches and gems of baroque architecture!


  1. Craft beer tasting in the countryside of Cartagena 

A visit to the premises of Canana LA Brewpub, approximately halfway between the city of Cartagena and the Region of Murcia International Airport in Corvera, is recommended by the Region of Murcia tourist board as one of the top “gastro-experiences” in Murcia.  A guided visit includes a tour of the brewery, learning how the company’s beers are created, followed by a tasting of six of the products accompanied by some tasty tapas which highlight the different flavours.

Children are also welcome (free of charge), although of course the beer is off the menu for under 18s! 

2022_CERVEZA_CANANA_BTI_Leafhopper 8

  1. Hiking, rafting and unbelievable photos in the Cañón de Almadenes

By the time it reaches the city of Murcia the River Segura is a slow-moving, gentle body of water (except in times of torrential rain!), but further upstream it has carved spectacular gorges through the mountainous terrain of the north-west of the Region of Murcia. 

cañón de almadenes

Perhaps the finest example of this is to be found in the Cañón de Almadenes, where walkers can take a route between the steep walls of the gorge, admire some of the finest viewing points in the entire Region and of course capture photos of this remarkable landscape! The “Desfiladero de Almadenes” is one of the most exciting routes in the area and affords opportunities to see a wide variety of local plant and animal species!